What payment method do you accept for your cloned cards?
You can pay with Bitcoin through many platforms, such as CashApp, Coinbase, Blockchain, Paypal and many others.
What if I can’t pay for your services through Bitcoin?
Then you can’t use our services.
We accept only Bitcoin as payment method because it is the most safe, secured and anonymous method to receive money for this kind of products.
This is best for both sides safety.
Where do you ship to?
Cards can be delivered anywhere in United States, Canada, United Kingdom and Europe.
How much time it takes to get the cards once I completed my order?
We guarantee 24 – 48 hours delivery anywhere in United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Croatia, Serbia and Hungary.
Up to 72 hours to the rest of Europe.
What if I’m located somewhere outside the regions mentioned above? Can you ship outside those regions?
If you are not located in US, Canada, UK or Europe, you can’t use our services.
Outside these regions we cannot guarantee maximum safety for both sides, because we do not have the connections or the men power to be able to do that.
Is it safe to receive the cloned cards at my own address or a friend’s house?
We deliver the cloned cards through our own personnel, that way we can guarantee that nobody will ask you for IDs or any signatures.
We do not deal with 3rd parties due to security & safety reasons.
We are very sure that you do not want random indians delivering your cloned cards.
When you order stuff from Amazon, they stick their little fingers into the packages all the time.
If that would happen in our case, that can be a big problem for both sides and we do not want that.
We guarantee that nobody will know any details about what is being delivered and where.
For us, discretion is the key and the safety of our customers is our top priority.
Do you offer a refund if one of the cards I received was not working?
Of course.
If one of the cards you have received was not working, you have 2 options to choose from.
We can refund your money for the whole order back to your Bitcoin address, or we can replace the card with 5 other cards of the same type on the next order.
There was never the case for a card not to be working, but we are always prepared to offer you a refund or replace it.
Our cloned cards always have the minimum available balance advertised on the website.
How hard it is to use your cloned cards?
It is very simple, actually.
Our cloned cards can be used just like any regular cards that normal people use.
Once you have received your cloned cards, you will see that the available balance and PIN are written on the cards.
You can then go to any ATM that accepts Visa & Mastercard and cashout all the money from them.
Make sure you always wear a mask, it protects you against the cameras and the pandemic.
Any advice on how to stay out of problems and make money safely?
Wear a mask.
Do not use your car near ATMs that you are going to use, that way you can avoid getting your licence plate caught on camera.
Just be relaxed, nobody knows what you are doing out there.
There are hundreds of millions of people that use their credit cards on ATMs everyday.
Walk like a normal person does, you have no reason to be afraid or nervous.
Cameras cannot recognise you because you are wearing a mask, there is a pandemic going on so that’s what normal people do, wear masks to protect themselves from the virus.
You protect yourself from the virus and from the cameras as well.
Nobody knows who you are or what you are doing out there, nobody walking on the street gives a shit about you.
You get the cloned cards, drive to other neighbourhood, leave your car at 100 meters away from the ATM you going to use, walk to the ATM, cashout the money, go back to your car and after that you can do whatever the fuck you want, have some fun.
One last question, what happens to the original card holders?
The banks must give the money back to the victims.
We know exactly what happens from the moment the original card holder sees the money missing.
They call the bank saying that they wanted to use their cards but couldn’t.
The bank asks them a couple of questions, like when was the last time they used their cards, security questions to make sure they are the original card holders, and then calls the police.
The police will receive the phone call and will say they have more important things to do, like catching terrorists or child rapers.
Nobody is going to investigate nothing for withdrawals under $5000.
Plus, you can only withdraw maximum $1500 from 1 cloned card, so nothing to worry about.
At the end of the day, the banks are the only ones losing money.
You made money, we made money.
The original card holders got their money back from the banks.